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Intro to Cabinetry

Learn about the anatomy of cabinets, common materials and the proper techniques to build quality pieces with cabinet maker, Ken DeCost. You’ll finish this course ready to complete a cabinet of your own. Spanish subtitles available.

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Learn From a Pro

Cabinet maker Ken DeCost has over a decade of experience in high-end cabinet making. In this course, he shares the fundamentals of cabinet anatomy and cabinet making.

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12 In-Depth Lessons

Each video lesson dives deep into how to build a cabinet. Lessons average about 10 minutes each, with a total course time of 1 hour and 59 minutes.


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Practical Resources

A downloadable plan for building a cabinet of your own will help you get real-world practice. 

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Certificate of Completion

After completing the training and passing the assessments, you will receive a Certificate of Course Completion. Share with future employers to show your commitment to continuing education.

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Lifetime Access

With a course purchase, you have lifetime access to the course. Take the Cabinetry course anytime, anywhere, as often as you'd like. Our courses are meant to be an ongoing resource for you, no matter where you are in your journey.


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About Your Instructor

Ken DeCost is a cabinet maker based in Boston, MA. Growing up in a family of tradesmen, Ken began to develop his carpentry skills from a young age. Over the last ten years he has honed his expertise in high end cabinet making. In 2017, he became the Director of Millwork for custom home builder, NS Builders. Here he has assembled a skilled team that aligns to his level of high standards and excellence. From traditional to ultra modern, complex curved work to hand stitched veneering, he continues to push the limits of perfection and craftsmanship.

Lesson Plan

12 Video Lessons  (1H 59M)


Construction Teacher Teaching Blueprints Class

Lesson 1: Course Overview

Your instructor, Ken, welcomes you to this cabinet making class, shares what you'll learn about cabinetry, and discusses how he began his career as a cabinet maker.

Architect's Ruler for scales and measurement

Lesson 2: Anatomy

Learn the basic parts of a cabinet. Ken describes the cabinet box, face frame, and different types of joints and cabinet doors you'll see on your journey as a cabinet maker.

How to read title sheets and lesson plans

Lesson 3: Hardware

Hinges, knobs, and drawer slides, oh my! Cabinet hardware choices are endless, and boil down to personal taste and budget. Ken takes you through a handful of options when choosing cabinet hardware.

How to read floor plans

Lesson 4: Material Selection

Ken teaches you how to decide what materials to use for your cabinet box and cabinet door construction, how to inspect the wood you're considering, and how to care for it once it gets to your shop.

How to read elevations and sections

Lesson 5: Building Cabinet Boxes: Rip Cuts and Cross Cuts

Working from a simple sketch, Ken shows you how to cut your sheet goods down to size to create the top, bottom, back, and sides of your cabinet case.

How to read details and schedules

Lesson 6: Building Cabinet Boxes: Dado Joinery

Learn how to prepare the pieces of your cabinet box for assembly using a simple dado stack in your table saw.

How to read structural drawings

Lesson 7: Building Cabinet Boxes: Box Assembly

Ken shows you how to assemble your cabinet box and troubleshoot a couple of common problems that might arise during assembly.

How to read MEP Drawings and Plans

Lesson 8: Building Cabinet Boxes: Edge Banding

Edge banding is the thin material that covers the edges of plywood on your cabinet to hide the exposed grain. You can edge band with a specialized machine, but here Ken shows you how to do it by hand.

Construction Teacher in Blueprints Class

Lesson 9: Building Cabinet Doors: Sizing and Cutting

Ken teaches you how to measure and cut two cabinet door panels, and the right way to double check your work.

Construction Teacher in Blueprints Class

Lesson 10: Building Cabinet Doors: Edge Banding

Cabinet doors need edge banding, too. Ken takes you through edge banding, trimming, and checking your measurements.

Construction Teacher in Blueprints Class

Lesson 11: Building Cabinet Doors: Boring and Sanding

Ken shows you how to properly bore holes for hinges on your cabinet doors and sand them down so they're smooth to the touch.

Construction Teacher in Blueprints Class

Lesson 12: Building Cabinet Doors: Adding Hardware

The final step in cabinet construction is adding your hardware and mounting the doors. Ken shows you how to put hinges on the cabinet, install the cabinet doors, and prep your cabinet for finishing.



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