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How to Read Blueprints

Learn how to understand, navigate, and use blueprints from professional builder and craftsman, Jordan Smith.

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Learn From a Pro

Professional builder Jordan Smith knows blueprints inside and out. He's built his own successful residential construction business from the ground up, and now he's sharing his knowledge and expertise with you.

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9 In-Depth Lessons

Each video lesson dives deep into a component of reading blueprints.  Lessons average about 15 minutes each, with a total class time of 2 hours, 15 minutes.


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Practical Resources

Downloadable blueprints, summaries, and recommended exercises help you get real-world practice. If you would like a physical copy of the blueprints, we recommend printing them on 24" x 36" sheets at your local copy store.

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Certificate of Completion

After completing the class and passing the assessments, you will receive a Certificate of Class Completion.  Share with future employers to show your commitment to training.

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Lifetime Access

With a class purchase, you have lifetime access to the course.  Take the Blueprints course anytime, anywhere, as often as you'd like. Our classes are meant to be an ongoing resource for you, no matter where you are in your journey.


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Affordable and Convenient

Our online classes are an affordable and convenient way to up-skill.  If you aren't sure you want to make a time and money commitment to colleges and tradeschool, our classes are a way to gain skills in a more flexible and cost-efficient manner.

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Student Testimonial

"The Reading Blueprints class was very informative. I learned a lot, and feel a lot more confident when I go out to construction sites. Jordan is a great teacher. Not only does he teach you about the blueprints, but he also shares real-world tips and opens up a new world for you. Great class, and I highly recommend it, especially if you are getting started in the trades like me."
- Somona L., CA

Lesson Plan

9 Video Lessons  (2h 15 m)


Construction Teacher Teaching Blueprints Class

Lesson 1: Class Overview

A blueprint is the fundamental plan for the construction of any structure. In this lesson, Jordan provides a basic overview of the class, outlining the objectives and skills mastered in this online course.

Architect's Ruler for scales and measurement

Lesson 2: Scales & Measurement

Using a simple plan for the shed in his back yard as a guide, Jordan shares how to use an architect's ruler to make reading scales easy.

How to read title sheets and lesson plans

Lesson 3: Title Sheets & Site Plans

A title sheet gives you information about the property, a building's location on that property, the team involved in the project, and how to navigate the whole set of blueprints.  

How to read floor plans

Lesson 4: Floor Plans

Part of the architectural drawings within your set of blueprints, the floor plans provide a bird's eye view of the interior plan for a house.

How to read elevations and sections

Lesson 5: Elevations & Sectional Views

Elevations and sections are two-dimensional views of the interior and exterior surfaces of a house.

How to read details and schedules

Lesson 6: Details & Schedules

Rounding out the architectural drawings within your set of blueprints, details are just what they sound like: specific looks at detailed components of the building.  Schedules are tables that help you accurately order and use doors, windows, and more.

How to read structural drawings

Lesson 7: Structural Drawings

Structural drawings show how the design for a building can maintain the structural integrity of the home in normal and hazardous weather conditions.  Jordan shows you how to understand the key components of a house's structure from the perspective of a builder and an engineer. 

How to read MEP Drawings and Plans

Lesson 8: Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP)

No modern home is complete without the systems that make it function: HVAC (mechanical), electrical, and plumbing.  As a builder or framer, it's important to know where those systems will be routed so you can leave space for them to be laid in. Learn how.  

Construction Teacher in Blueprints Class

Lesson 9: Putting It All Together

Learn how to put what you've learned to practice by reading a title page and navigating a complete set of blueprints.