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Wood Materials

Learn about joists, beams, sheet goods, and the properties of wood materials used in construction from builder and craftsman, Jordan Smith.

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Learn From a Pro

Professional builder Jordan Smith knows wood materials inside and out. He's built his own successful residential construction business from the ground up, and now he's sharing his expertise with you.

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7 In-Depth Lessons

Lessons average about 13 minutes each, making them easy to watch after work or on your lunch break. You can finish the class in one sitting, or space it out over a week.


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Practical Resources

Downloadable summaries and supplemental information help you get real-world practice.

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Student Testimonial

“I think these lessons are great because they make you feel like it's a one on one lesson. I will be going back to these videos when I need a bit of guidance. Great price as well. Thank you for putting these lessons out.”
- Marlon O., CA

Lesson Plan

7 Video Lessons  (1h 31 m)


Construction Teacher Teaching Blueprints Class

Lesson 1: Introduction to Wood Construction

Humans have been building with wood for thousands of years. Pro builder Jordan Smith discusses that history, different types of house framing, and the advantages of using wood in construction.

Architect's Ruler for scales and measurement

Lesson 2: Properties of Wood

What is wood, really? Learn the composition of wood, the difference between hardwoods and softwoods, and how we measure properties like hardness, density, and strength.

How to read title sheets and lesson plans

Lesson 3: Forces and Stresses

In construction, wood has to withstand a lot of different forces. Learn about compression, tension, torsion, and shear, and how to think about loading scenarios.

How to read floor plans

Lesson 4: Lumber Grades, Sizes, and Types

Why isn't a two-by-four actually 2 inches by 4 inches? What's pressure treated lumber? What grade lumber should you use on your build? Jordan answers these questions and more.

How to read elevations and sections

Lesson 5: Engineered Wood

Jordan explains LSLs, LVLs, plywood, and the advantages and disadvantages of using engineered lumber instead of solid wood.

How to read details and schedules

Lesson 6: Joists and Glulams

Learn about a few key structural members that are commonly used in light construction.

How to read structural drawings

Lesson 7: Sheet Goods

Sheet goods are what keep the elements out of a finished house, and what help the structure resist shear forces. Jordan explains a few key techniques used to manufacture modern sheet goods.